Keywords: Theophan Prokopovych, Poetics, Baroque, Antiquity, Enlightenment, worldview


The article examines the peculiarities of the worldview foundations of "Poetics" by Theophan Prokopovych. The thesis is substantiated that the ideological foundations of the treatise are generally educational. It is emphasized on the author's criticism and denial of Baroque norms, as the opposition to the enlightenment theses. Prokopovych represents the author's vision of well-known concepts and categories of theoretical poetics, showing the examples of the world literature. The thinker argues with traditional understandings of a number of categories, while offering innovative and relevant to his era theses. The writer develops the idea of the necessity to adhere to the stated theoretical provisions, representing them as a model for further literary development. The treatise, having not only theoretical but also practical character, represents the peculiarities of literary evolution. In "Poetics" by Theophan Prokopovych, we observe the development of the tradition of creating such treatises in school institutions. The author's contribution to the improvement of this genre and its existence in Ukrainian literature is important. The studied treatise represents the author's departure from the baroque tradition of poetics, even in some cases its denial, the presentation of individual worldview in the field of theory and history of literature. T. Prokopovych offered his vision of poetic art and its understanding in an educational way. The traditional thesis in science about the worldview principles of the treatise "Poetics" as synthetic in nature, combining traditions of Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, is discussed and supplemented by considerations of the predominance in the treatise of classical and enlightenment elements. The author's character is also clearly shown in the presentation of T. Prokopovych's artistic texts in "Poetics", which tend towards the Enlightenment style. In general, written in the era of Ukrainian literary Baroque "Poetics" by Theophan Prokopovych leads a discussion with the ideas and theses of the day as those that have lost their relevance and need to be modernized. Thus, the essence of the worldview principles of the treatise is in their revolutionary nature in relation to the ruling era and the establishment of innovation in the field of theory and history of literature, which Prokopovych notices in the Enlightenment.


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