Keywords: realism, romantic literature, metaphor, style, novel, traditions, theater


We are talking about the reception of D. Chizhevsky specifics of the development of realism in Ukrainian literature. The work of the scientist "Realism in Ukrainian Literature" (1956) is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the development of the Ukrainian language, the development of Ukrainian realistic theater and Ukrainian culture in general. Speaking about the development of Ukrainian realistic theater, the researcher notes the significant role of I. Karpenko-Kary, M. Kropyvnytsky, M. Starytsky. At the same time, the development of theatrical business in Western Ukraine of that period is analyzed. The historical context of the appearance of Lesya Ukrainka's dramatic works is traced, as well as certain figures of representatives of realism in Ukrainian literature are outlined. D. Chizhevsky analyzes the work of realist writers, in particular L. Glibov, P. Grabovsky, I. Karpenko-Kary, M. Kropyvnytsky, I. Manzhura, O. Pchilka, S. Rudansky, V. Samylenko, I. Franko, J. Shchogoliv and others. Speaking about the role of Ivan Franko in the formation and development of Ukrainian realistic writing, D. Chizhevsky points out that Kamenyar is not only a practitioner of realism, but also a theorist, as he provided a theoretical justification for realism in his works. The peculiarities of the origin of realism, the sources of its appearance are emphasized, the specifics of the influence of other European literatures on Ukrainian literature are revealed. D. Chizhevsky indicated the principle of selection of material to reflect reality. As the main feature of the romantic style is metaphor, realistic style - metonymy. It is noted that realism was more active mainly in prose forms. Among those who have departed from realism, the researcher names V. Vynnychenko, P. Karmansky, M. Kotsyubynsky, V. Pachovsky, M. Filyansky, M. Chernyavsky, and others


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