The article examines the features of the artistic model of thinking in Taras Shevchenko's novel "The Unfortunate". It is emphasized that Taras Shevchenko's Russian-language works represent the evolution of Taras Shevchenko's artistic thinking. The specificity of the artistic model of thinking and its Ukrainian national character is revealed in the Russian-language stories of the author. The thesis is substantiated that using Russian language T. Shevchenko represents his multifaceted model of Ukrainian thinking inherent in his artistic worldview and the way of artistic interpretation of the world. An important factor in presenting the specifics of the artistic model of thinking in Taras Shevchenko's novels is the image of the author, his perception and interpretation of the world as a reflection of the author's view. Also, the factors of representation of the artistic model of thinking in the stories of T. Shevchenko, in particular in the work "Unfortunate", are manifestations of Ukrainian variants of romanticism and sentimentalism; the narrator's appeal to the epistolary, in which purely Ukrainian issues are comprehended; the image of the narrator thinking in national categories; travel notes with descriptions of paintings of Ukrainian cities, villages, nature, landscapes of Ukraine. It is noted that Taras Shevchenko's syncretic stories combine different styles and genres. We can see a number of autobiographical characters according to romantic traditions in them and in the story "The Unfortunate". Basically, the artistic model of Taras Shevchenko's thinking, which was Ukrainian and national in character and manifestation, first created in poetic texts, was transferred and integrated into his prose heritage. In prose works, it is synthesized the characteristics of sentimentalism, enlightenment, romanticism, naturalism.'The Unfortunate' is based on the use of a retrospective method. The text has such features as the presence of a number of main and secondary characters with a pronounced Ukrainian content and essence. All the heroes of the work are a manifestation and result of the national environment. The vocation of the heroes of the story "Unhappy" is to present the Ukrainian model of thinking and worldview. The work has a clear structure, its characteristics are logical, meaningful, often autobiographical (primarily the image of the narrator) and are of major importance in the formation of the Ukrainian national narrative of the story. 


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