Keywords: translation, language, Byron, style, method


The article is an attempt to give a comprehensive contrastive analysis of Byron's poem "Don Juan" and its two Ukrainian translations made by S. Holovanivskyi and V. Bohuslavska. The key aspect of the article is the literary devices of the poem in the Ukrainian translations. The focus is on Byron's style and its representation in the translations. It discusses the translation strategies used by each translator. It is noted that principles guided by translator while choosing translation method meant to render the pragmatic components and author's ideas of poetic work. The creative methods of each translator were also defined. The article presents a great variety of examples of metaphors, irony, wordplay, and their perception in the Ukrainian translations. Byron's poem "Don Juan" is full of life, irony, and a deep sense of morality. The poem contains a lot of ambiguous expressions, nuances, implied meanings, puns, author's neologisms, metaphors, phraseological units that translators are going to face with. The results show that in Ukrainian translations the representation of Byron's style is rich, bright and the same as in the original many-sided. The article comes to the conclusion that the translation strategies used by S. Holovanivskyi and V. Bohuslavska may be considered very different indeed, since they were made in different times and, therefore, demands and values of the target audience. It is shown that the personal background knowledge of the translators, their occupation, environment and even their own internal world influenced the way they represented the literary devices of Byron's poem "Don Juan" in their translations. It should be underlined that each translator sets a goal to create a new, better translation in the spirit of their time and environment, different from previous interpretations. V. Bohuslavska easily reproduces Byron's unique and inimitable poetic world by means of her own native language, while S. Holovanivskyi mostly follows the text of the original poem and strives to reproduce the meaning of words as accurately as possible.


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